Mittwoch, 5. Dezember 2012

Photography Awakening !

Flying lettuce out of the lion's mouth
Master drummer in action

Kei lun looking for his shoe

Professional musicians

Taoist priests


Chinese fable animal Kei lun

I have buried my photographic activities two decades ago which had never reached a manic level.
The last beauty I bought was a Yashica analog camera. During the last two decades I survived with a few digital cameras for dummies! Set to auto,point and click! And mostly that's all I was willing to do. I was never a fan of finding my way through the knotty manuals. For me it's just a pleasure garden where at the end you definitely would lose your passion for photography. It just didn't work out for me although I did accidentally catch a few nice shots with them! My very first reason giving up the analog method was simply the costs. Mostly I was only maybe 10% satisfied with the results out of 36 photos. Unable to check a taken photo right after a shot was another major shortcoming. In the early nineties my boss lent me a digital sony with only 2m pixels for a trip to Italy. I was thrilled and hypnotized. Shooting at anything that came in my mind and as many as I liked was addictive when I thought of the results I would have gotten with a analog camera. With the not having to put another film roll into the camera in mind after shooting 36 photos was a overjoying feeling. The motto was: "shoot whatever you want and delete all junks afterwards!" It was a kind of "Brave New World" for me - I was the BIG BROTHER in person... monitoring, controlling and fixing at all times! The only thing I had to worry about was the light and the battery. 
The fascination for this new toy continued after coming back home! The computer! Wow! What a new perception that was! No more long waiting for film rolls getting developed from a photoshop. Just copy the files into the computer and enjoy! Zoom in, zoom out - what a muse thing that was. It was like falling in love. Long forgotten was the traditional way of shooting pictures. My mind was occupied with this new shooting gear and the immediate access afterwards.
But then, bit by bit, the annoyance kept knocking on the door. Questions about the results got louder. The noise problem was respectively a ISO and pixel capturing issue. So everyone was eager for more improvement in ISO and megapixels. I started with a 3m Nikon and end up with a 10m Coolpix. My passion for photography nearly died when I tried to take a picture of a moon eclipse. I was just unable to take it, neither AF nor manually.
Disregarding everything I missed from a analog camera I finally found out that I would never get a digital camera on a price I was willing to pay for. Choosing a gigantic dslr camera was not an option for me.
My almost wiped out passion for photography awakened when I first saw a videoclip of the X-pro 1 on Youtube. My mind was like a computer at the moment of just having been pressed on  the boot start button. I started to study everything about digital photographing. I even found out that the sensor capturing capability of the Coolpix I own  is only 5% of a fullframe sensor. What a disappointment! 
I spare any further description for there are lots of pros out there whose have done that already. At the end I have decided for the X-E1 kit with a 18-55mm zoom lens. I'm alive again!